October 7, 2008

Welcome to living your life to the full

If for a moment, you reflect on what is most satisfactory and wonderful in your life, you'll most probably think about something which is connected with being intensely present right now.
When life is most meaningful and full of joy, the future and the past disappear temporarily, and we're completely present in the moment with our heart and senses wide open.

Just think about a deep romantic meeting with your loved one, a touching or funny situation with your children, a magnificent experience of nature, a fascinating work of art, a piece of music that moves your heart or takes over your body, or something else that makes time stand still.

The more intensely we experience the moment, the more rich and beautiful our life becomes. No matter how much we're looking forward to something or thinking of the good old days, nothing compares to the direct experience of life right here and now.

For this reason, in my opinion, the most important aspect of the art of living is to be able to be wholly and fully present right now. Life is going on right now.

The future is only a conception that we make up in our mind. And the past is nothing else than more or less precise imprints of something we experienced at one time and which no longer is. Both our memories and conceptions about the future are constructions made in the mind right now. So, we really could say that only the present really exists.

This does not at all mean that it's irrelevant to deal with what we call future and past. I just think that it's important to recognize that both our conceptions about the future and our memories of the past are mental constructions and that life should be lived right here and now.

But how do we do that?

For more than 25 years my professional life has been dedicated to helping people unfold their potential and live their lives to the full.
Through my books, meditation tecniques and training programs I offer people my help to get the most out of their lives both personally and professionally.

So that is, what this page is about.

Welcome to my webside.

Ole Vadum Dahl


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